What’s cluttering up YOUR space?


Find five things on your desk that are taking up space but unused.

  1. Empty water glass, been there for at least 3 weeks
  2. Note pads, various sizes, some empty, some half-used
  3. Vitamin E (unopened bottle), been there since January
  4. 3 t-shirts from a vendor presentation, folded, never worn, stuffed in bookcase
  5. Broken telephone

I’m looking at this list and remembering that “things” have and use energy, related to why we kept them in the first place, relationship associations, memories, not to mention their potential for distraction. What can you put away, file, organize, hand off or toss out? Do you want to consciously populate these spaces with new, shiny, inspiring items, or just simply enjoy the emptiness?

Some good reading on space and clutter here:



clean desk


~ by relativitygirl on July 8, 2015.

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