What time of year is it again?

For those of us in Northern California, March through May is called “Summer” and it will last till roughly the end of this month. Next – June Gloom, often referred to as Fall in other parts of the country. Winter in the Bay Area is typically 50 – 60 F. degrees and rainy. This year, it was more like 65 – 75 and dry. Crops, wildlife, and wine growers will no doubt be paying for that freakish spell for the next twelve months.

Volcanoes mysteriously awakening across the globe. Giant ice boulders plotting a Michigan invasion, not to be confused with the ice tsunamis attacking Michigan and Canada. (Ice tsunamis??)

A google search on weird weather evokes everything from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to UFO Digest. So I’m left thinking, well, I don’t know what to think.

weird weather, scary clouds

weird weather, scary clouds

I keep returning to the Japan tsunami/earthquake/nuclear meltdown of January 2012. It seems more than just possible that the ripple effect of three weather-related ecological catastrophes could, essentially, break weather in the rest of the world. I know Mother Nature prides herself on capriciousness, and weather is full of cycles. But this is different.  Look at Greenland. Not even 5 months after Japan, 40% of Greenland’s polar ice sheet spontaneously melts in a matter of days.

The butterfly effect, a component of chaos theory, suggests that one single action or movement can affect something much larger many miles away. Like a hurricane’s formation depending on the flap of a butterfly’s wings… weeks before, and from a thousand miles away.

I’m not necessarily saying that Japan’s earthquake is the cause of every freak storm around the globe – just that all these events are connected, and we are undeniably connected to them. It reminds me to use care in what I say and do, and how I treat people. Regardless of how random or trivial a word, text, tweet, or reaction might seem, you never know when you might unwittingly cause a hurricane.

man yellinng

Thanks for listening – your comments are always welcome!

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~ by relativitygirl on May 14, 2013.

2 Responses to “What time of year is it again?”

  1. I liked: Giant ice boulders plotting a Michigan invasion. !! It’s definitely been a dry year. Never a good thing for California.

  2. Very nice! I do believe things are highly interconnected and I’m convinced that some cave-dweller way back when spanked their child particularly harshly one day and it’s evidently resulted in a contemporary epidemic of rude freeway drivers ; — But seriously speaking these are some very compelling thoughts and conclusion that we need to take into consideration our own daily interactions is spot on.

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