Examining Space

Do you feel like you’ve got week and weekend versions of your self? Different sides to your personality almost, even different personalities altogether? Is your weekend self a weakened version of you, or an empowered one?

Where is the power, the space, the light in your Monday through Friday? Does power come on Monday mornings after your second cappuccino, or only on a Saturday after nine blissful hours of sleep? Everyone has unique motivators, so there’s no judgment here. I explore the patterns in the universe, and in this case, lately I’m exploring a pattern I’ve seen in my own.

To explain the distinction, I think of the polarity between compression and space. My weekends are typically roomy, rarely with any kind of schedule and I can fill the space of a day with as much or as little as I want. And during the week, it seems to require days of coordination just to find time to fill up my gas tank one day on my way home. So adding one more thing to “the list”, like shopping for a birthday gift, at times feels unthinkable. I’m not a guru, or a yogi, or a Zen master. But I don’t think it’s supposed to be like this.

The idea, I think, is to have some mental and physical exertion, reflection, and rest… every day. So to counteract the polarity of my compression : space model, could I embark on my favorite hiking trail near Chabot Space Center at 7am on  a random Tuesday? And spend from 4-6 pm on a Sunday working? Not tackling my same daily projects, but more like reflecting on how I can work smarter, how I can bring more energy, compassion and vitality to my work and the people around me?

What’s your schedule like, and how does it differ from week to weekend? Has the polarity model become normal for Americans? For everyone? And is it normal for you? Share your thoughts…



~ by relativitygirl on June 25, 2012.

One Response to “Examining Space”

  1. Just an historic note: according to Barbara Tuchmann in “The Proud Tower”… Lord Balfour invented the modern weekend around the turn of the previous century. Prior to that, the “liesure” classes had Wednesdays off, and everyone observed the Sunday Sabbath. Balfour liked to play golf up in Scotland… but the trip took too much time for a single day’s outing… so he made Saturday the second day off. Problem solved.

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