Silent Retreat

Today just being just breathing

listening observing wondering hearing

watching noticing

these many actions without actually

moving or talking

this stillness this silence

is FOOD that I savor

comfort that drapes my shoulders

desire augmented by its observation

like quantum physics where

observes don’t merely influence

but determine

an outcome

I am not merely quiet

but in a state of silence

not merely unmoving

but practicing stillness

I hear in this layer

new music

prana drawn in through my nose

slippers scuff on a dhurrie rug

the buzz and swarm of electrons

holding the shape of my cells

the squeaks and gurgle of watercress

navigating the labyrinth of my core

a jet scraping the skin of

big sky

9 cosmic moons

arranged in a vertical string

the gluons of perception

I see now the beauty in stasis

not knowing what

but attuned to possibility

this blanket of silence

weaves me through space and time

gratitude for this glimmery moment

and the many layers of now

that show their faces

after nothing more than an inquisitive

“show me”


~ by relativitygirl on April 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “Silent Retreat”

  1. I’m in love with that poem. Beautiful site.


  2. Silent Retreat is a meditation. Right there – just reading it stills my jagged mind and calms me. Beautiful poem. Beautiful images. Beautiful impulse. Thank-you… I needed to read that!

  3. came to visit via your blog and wow, this really brightened my day. thank you. be well.

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